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USA, 2009, 92 min
Director/Producer: Eli Kibrick
Cast: Keenan Kibrick, Melissa Courtney Kibrick, Taylor Christensen, Colin Wheelock, Daniel Everson, Eric Leitterman, Vanessa Himless, David Lorant, Katie McLaughlin

Pretend is a documentary about doing whatever it takes to be happy in real life, even if it requires playing make believe. It is about finding yourself and coming of age, while being immersed in another world. It is about learning who you are, even if you are filled with insecurities. With one camera, one microphone, and no re-takes, Pretend captures something rare–the unique routes young adults can take to learn to love and appreciate themselves just as they are. Continue reading


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Showtimes: Friday 3pm, Saturday 11am
USA, 2009, 94 min
Director: Justin Monroe
Writer/Producer: Jack Roberts
Producers: Gillian Fritzsche, Ryan Fritsche
Cast: Jack Roberts, Heather Roberts, Liz Carter, Peter Bedgood, Marshall Bell, Aaron Moreland, Meaghan Oppenheimer

The awkward son of a rock star works through the suicide of his father in the brutal underground world of karaoke.

By the premise listed above, this film caught my eye pretty early on and went on my “SEE” list. The fact that I met the very sweet, and attractive, producer on opening night didn’t hurt either. Continue reading


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Here’s the break down on the first of today’s viewings:

Norway/Spain, 2009, 103 min
Writer/Director: Ferran Audi
Executive Producer: Raul Perales, Amanda de Luis
Cast: Aitana Sahcnez-Gijon, Tron Espen Seim, Bibi Anderson, Jordi Cortes Molina

After the accidental death of their only son, Rita and Alfred feel such remorse that they engage in a fierce fight of mutual destruction. Guilt confronts them with a painful recognition: obsessed by their selfish little need, they forgot to love their son. As truth is revealed, all their inner demons are unleashed. They haunt and prick them on a road to hope or to damnation, whilst they desperately try to make amends for all those things they left undone in the past.

Here’s the problem with reviewing films… going in, the premise of this film worked against it for me. Not only has it been done umpteen times but being such a small film I expected the worst. That is where The Frost managed to surprise me. Continue reading


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Before we kick off our coverage of all the films we can possibly see this year at the Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival, I have to mention one thing. As many of you know, we don’t typically do reviews here on THE LIST. However, it would be irresposible of me not to have some critique of the films being showcased… especially after being given free access to see them.

I don’t typically rate films because it always seemed strange to me that The Matrix, Goodfellas and Toy Story could all be considered 4 or 5 star films when they all rank high for completely different reasons. So, for our purposes here, we’ll be relying on a different rating system which will be as follows: See it, Rent it, Wait for Cable and Skip it. With that out of the way, let’s discuss opening night and the festival’s premiere film: St. Roz. Continue reading


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That’s right, THE LIST has been been selected to help cover this year’s Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival. We would like to thank the festival for having us. While TVIFF may be a smaller festival, it features a great atmosphere, awesome music and focuses on some very interesting films. Many of you may remember me mentioning it when I did my last FILMS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED TO SEE post as it is where I first saw Mary Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School.

Our press passes were given to us very last minute so unfortunately we will not be able to cover portions of Thursday and Friday. However, stay tuned next week when we hope to have some posts and an episode of MILFcast dedicated to the festival.

MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) – Episode 6

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Pop quiz, Hotshot! You’re guest has to drop out last minute due to a death in the family… what do you do? What do you do?

You mean after the tears and screaming “Dear God, WHY???!!!” Simple… you get by with a little help from your friends. That’s right, we’ve thrown together a little last minute roundtable for you listening pleasure featuring former guests Heather Roddy of Movie Mobsters and Scott Knopf of the Frankly, My Dear podcast. We’ve also got newbies Jason Soto of Invasion of the B-Movies and Jess from Insight to Entertainment joining in. What did we talk about? I’ll tell you… stop yelling at me. We cover:

– What we’ve been watching.

– Some brief Movie News.

– And we try out a brand new game.

Enjoy and remember you can leave any feedback below or send it to:
Say something interesting and we’ll read it on the show!

You can find this episode on iTunes or by CLICKING HERE!!!


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It’s time for a new entry into our REASONS MOVIES RULE series. Wherein we give you 10 reasons a cult film, be it awesomely good or so bad it’s awesomely good, deserves to be given some respect. This week’s entry: FIGHT CLUB.

The REASONS MOVIES RULE series varies from our FILMS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED TO SEE series a bit in that you’ve probably seen these films but don’t realize just how much they rule!

I’m very excited to induct Fight Club into this series for 2 reasons. For one, it happens to be my favorite film of all time. Second, I’m doing this as part of Blog Cabins’ 30 Days of Crazy Blog-o-thon. Here’s 10 of 1,000 reasons this movie rules. Enjoy: Continue reading