Italy, 2010, 14 mines
Director: Davide Minnella
Cast: Piera Degli Esposti, Diane Fleri

An old and wonderful cook, now close to retirement, decides to hand down her culinary secret to those who will treasure it more. Teresa, a young girl, becomes the new chef and fulfills the most diverse wishes. The value of its courses will be crucial for customers who don’t have the opportunity to savor again the delicacies.

I had planned on seeing Nowhere Boy last night but I started feeling sick late in the day yesterday so cramming into a packed theater didn’t sound too appealing. So, I figured why not stick with the theme of covering the smaller films and see some more shorts. TVIFF, in my opinion, actually tends to get a better supply of short films than features. In fact, my favorite short of all time was seen here a few years back.

I managed to see 9, before my stomach got the best of me. They all managed to impress me but of the lot, I have to say, it was Como Se Deve that won me over. I don’t want to say too much because I didn’t get the twist from the film’s description. This film manages to keep you engaged the whole time and I don’t want to ruin it for someone else who might have the opportunity to share the experience.

I can say that Como Se Deve means “As It Should Be”. I can also say that the film is told with such grace and wonderful pacing that it’s hard not to like in the end. I can also tell you that Diane Fleri (pictured above) has joined Rachel Wilson in the group of actresses I formed a crush on this weekend. The only other film on her resume that I recognized was I Am Love with Tilda Swinton. Still, do yourself a favor by checking out this film’s IMDB page and acquaint yourself with her.

You can do it by CLICKING HERE!!!

Recommendation: SEE IT!!!

2 Responses to “TVIFF SHORT: COMO SE DEVE”

  1. I’ve only been to a few festivals, but I think I’ve enjoyed watching shorts at them even more than the features, and my wife and I will likely make it an annual habit to catch the Oscar-nommed shorts programs that get released right around February (at least the live-action and animated ones). Something about seeing 5-10 films in the span of 2 hours is highly appealing – and I would think even more so to your ADD-riddled brain.

    • Absolutely… this fest actually gets really good shorts. I think amateur filmmakers benefit from shorter films where they might struggle trying to fill 90 to 120 minutes.

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