Showtimes: Friday 3pm, Saturday 11am
USA, 2009, 94 min
Director: Justin Monroe
Writer/Producer: Jack Roberts
Producers: Gillian Fritzsche, Ryan Fritsche
Cast: Jack Roberts, Heather Roberts, Liz Carter, Peter Bedgood, Marshall Bell, Aaron Moreland, Meaghan Oppenheimer

The awkward son of a rock star works through the suicide of his father in the brutal underground world of karaoke.

By the premise listed above, this film caught my eye pretty early on and went on my “SEE” list. The fact that I met the very sweet, and attractive, producer on opening night didn’t hurt either.

The cast of this film looks very familiar but you probably don’t know any of the film’s stars save for Marshall Bell:

Best known as Gordy’s Dad in Stand By Me or the guy with the thing in his stomach in Total Recall, he plays Duncan’s Uncle. The rest of the cast, and especially the writer and star of the film (Jack Roberts), look like someone you’ve seen in film and TV before but they aren’t. As far as performance though, they turn in solid efforts.

Unfortunately, for me, I have to give this film a : WAIT FOR CABLE! While many people in the theater were laughing at the film’s humor, it was largely wasted on me. The story suffers from relying heavily on the quirk of the characters and not on the story itself. If you’re like my wife, and like quirky or dark comedies, I might bump this to a RENT IT! It reminded me heavily of a Jack Black movie that didn’t star Jack Black. However, I think there’s an audience out there that would really like this film so I don’t want to come across as hating it… just found it to be not for me.

I will say that, like The Frost, the film did kind of begin to pull me in around the hour mark. The characters and their journeys became far more engaging. Unfortunately, the climax of this film felt anti-climactic and kind of lost me again. Duncan makes it to the karaoke finals where he takes on the local reigning champion. Duncan ditches his persona and decides to perform an original song and be himself. Unfortunately, while Duncan finds himself, the scene is overshadowed by a dominant performance by the antogonist that makes the whole battle just feel a bit lopsided. For that reason, I left the theater a bit bummed.

You can visit the films website and see the trailer by CLICKING HERE!!!


  1. This sounds like the kind of flick that relies heavily on the charisma of its lead, and if he/she ain’t got enough of it…dudsville. Sounds like Roberts was ok here – neither lulled you to sleep or wowed you.

    But Marshall Bell fucking rocks. I take it he’s the suicidal poppa?

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