My good buddy Castor Troy over Anomalous Material came up with a genius idea. A bunch of us bloggers got together and had a Fantasy Football style draft. Only instead of drafting athletes, we drafted actors, actresses and a director. The goal? To pitch a Hollywood movie featuring our draftees. I was able to put together a pretty stellar cast. Check it out:


James Cameron


Matt Damon

Joseph Gordon Levitt
aka: “JoGo”

Kate Winslett

Jeremy Renner

Chris Pine

Tilda Swinton

Now that you know the players, let’s get to the pitch. Here’s the basic ideas:


Basic Idea: A man must race through time to save his wife, clear his name and bring down a corrupt corporation.

Pitch: It’s The Fugitive meets Back to the Future/ The Time Machine.

Matt Damon = James Church
Kate Winslet = Sara Church
JoGo = Kevin Church
Tilda Swinton = Olivia Powers
Jeremy Renner = Mark “Ghost” Graves
Chris Pine = Brian “Rascal” Tusker

Here’s the general idea…


In the not so distant future, James Church (Damon) is pretty well known. He served as Commander in the U.S. Marines Space Rangers unit during the height of the war with China over mining rights for the outer colonies. His actions during the battle of Andion single handedly saved the lives of 239 people and earned him the military’s highest award for valor. Upon return to Earth, and after healing from his injuries, Church was personally selected by Oilivia Powers (Swinton), CEO of Gravitron Industries, to be their head of security. An honor as Gravitron is the richest and most powerful corporation in the galaxies, specializing in everything from Science and Weaponry to Recreation and Electronics.

THE SET UP: As the film begins, James Church (Damon) has a pretty sweet life. His wife Sara (Winslett) is about to give birth to their first child and James has been chosen to be the test subject for Gravitron’s new Time Jumper. A hand held device that allows clients to visit the future for vacational purposes. Laws have been put in place to prohibit travel back in time so as not to mess with history.

On the day of his launch, Church is catapulted successfully 30 years into the future. When he arrives in the future, he can’t help himself so he goes to the local records hall and looks up the day his son was born. Instead of a happy story, he gets quite the opposite. The paper says that Sara Church was found shot dead in her home on the day of his jump. It goes on to say that they were able to save their child and that James is wanted for questioning in the murder of his wife. At that very instant, he is sucked back to present day.

At first, James says nothing. He heads to the board room to discuss his findings with Powers. In doing so, he over hears a conversation between Powers and military officials that reveals that the government has been developing it’s own Time Jumper. However, this Jumper has the ability to travel back in time. The goal? To use the device to make specifically pinpointed assassinations on China’s heads of state to prevent the mining war that rages on to this day.

Church uses his security clearance to break into the company’s R&D department and get his hands on a version of the military’s Time Jumper technology. An awesome chase scene follows as Church races to get out of the building and home to his wife.

At this point, Powers makes the military act. After all, she is the ruthless CEO with the power to do these sorts of things! Enter Ghost (Renner) and Rascal (Pine). Unbeknownst to the public, these military hitmen were actually the first to successfully travel through time… in preparation for the government’s assassination plans. However, due to the current situation, they are dispatched with terminating James Church and returning the stolen property.

James Church returns home to find his wife being held at gun point by Rascal. Ghost quickly offers him his ultimatum in a very charming and sadistic way. Church makes a move but before he can save his wife Rascal shoots and kills Sara. Church uses the Time Jumper to flee the scene, jumping 30 years into the future.

In the future, Church looks up his son. He finds Kevin (JoGo) who is understandably confused and enraged. Confused because Time Travelling was never made public (in the future). Enraged  because he has never known his father and always assumed James had killed his mother. He is quickly convinced otherwise as Ghost and Rascal arrive in the future and begin chasing them.


What happens next is a chase scene that takes place through various decades, centuries and locations. Ghost and Rascal chase the Father and son who bond as they race through time. The chase ends in the Dark Ages when Church’s Jumper device is damaged so that jumping forward is rendered impossible and the Church boys are forced to face their pursuers in order to get back to the modern day.

They are successful and set out on a mission to get back, save Sara’s life and bring down the Powers, the military and the government that tried to destroy their lives.

What do ya think?

16 Responses to “MY MOVIE PITCH”

  1. I LOVE it!!! But what about Nolan? 🙂

  2. I would pay money to see that.

  3. Love it Kai, great pitch with all the details needed to make it harrowing and mysterious. It also helps that, just like Heather, I’m a huge fan of time traveling movies (where are they Hollywood??). It reminds me a little bit of The Adjustment Bureau (from the trailer). Since he is doing it for his wife, you might need to say a few things about their love and relationship so people know explicitly what is driving most of the plot (until she gets killed). I take it this is only the first 15 or 20 minutes of the movie so I would definitely love to see that movie!

  4. Loved this idea too Kai:) Left a comment on Castor’s blog to warn you to write the whole thing and copyright it, before I do, haha. I hope you do write it, it sounds really interesting.

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  6. I’d pay to see this movie!

    One thing “The Fugitive meets Back to the Future/ The Time Machine” with a hint of Timecop?

  7. Also, so far your pitch and Marc’s are my favorite, with Castor closely in second place, but I still like this idea for a movie the most, and I like that you didn’t give everything away either!

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