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Okay, so, this is a movie blog but there is something coming to TV this fall that I couldn’t be more excited about:

Seriously, this might be bigger to me than the first time I saw a booby! Here’s a little back story on this from me… Continue reading


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I don’t know about you guys but I fell in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt after seeing the film Brick. The kid proved he was more than a child actor. He proved he had the potential to be a big star. With Inception under his belt, and a possible turn in Batman 3 right around the corner, he may soon be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. That’s why I’m doing this now.

I am making it my goal to turn Joseph Gordon Levitt into Jo-Go. I can’t do this alone people so help me out. A few people have already started to help the movement… thanks to the folks at The Dark of the Matinee and  Frankly, My Dear. But it’ll take more than that to make it happen. So, next time you see this man, remember…

… he is Jo-Go.

Look, I’ve tried to make things take off before and failed miserably. For instance, I realize people will never go back to pleated acid washed jeans… I see that now… I get it… but this one is do-able. Make it happen, people!!!


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Okay, so, Let The Right One In is one of the best vampire movies I’ve ever seen… and they’re remaking it. Which is fine… I’m not here to get into that. I’ll even say I think the trailers for the remake looks quite good. However, there is one thing that’s pissing me off. Continue reading


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Looks like I’ve been given another MEME… hope there’s a shot for these things.

Simon of Screen Insight and the Simon & Jo Film Show chose your friendly neighborhood Kaiderman – and another 9 winners – to continue an ‘award’-thing-like post called the Happy 101 Award, it is all about sharing the things that bring you joy. So, having been given this award – thankyou verymuch – I must follow the rules and…

SHARE 10 THINGS THAT BRING YOU JOY. Here ya go… Continue reading

MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) – Episode 3

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Episode 3 of MILFcast is now available. You can listen to it streaming on podomatic by clicking here or stream/ download it for free on iTunes.

My guest this week is Andy Hart of the Fandango Groovers Movie Blog

For our general discussion topic, we cast Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman 3. We talk a little movie news. We focus our celebrity spotlight on Christian Bale… and we play THE GAME!!!

Check it out and let us know what you think, will ya?