I was just thinking about this while listening to my buddies over at the Frankly, My Dear podcast as they reviewed the Indiana Jones trilogy. At the end of the film, Indy must complete 3 tests in order to retrieve the cup of Christ and save his dying father.

Now, many have tried, and lost their head in the process, but Indy figures it out with the help of his father’s clues. The first clue, Indy figures out is to be a pennitent man and kneel before God to avoid the saw that’s been chopping of those heads. I want to know how he knows to follow that up with a ninja roll to avoid the 2nd saw that pops up out of the ground. Seriously… rewatch the scene. Is it just me?

14 Responses to “IS IT JUST ME?”

  1. No Kai, it’s not just you. “The penitent man will pass”…”the penitent man kneels before God”
    The diary does not say, “the penitent man also sees something valuable on the ground and should go get it before anyone else does”

    I think he probably saw the split in the ground and in the instant the blade went over his head probably realized staying in one spot was unsafe…that’s all I got.

    What I want to know is how an entire floor of letters suspended above what looks to be the Grand Canyon could support only certain letters without any clear structure underneath. Watch it again. When he falls through it there any post holding up the “right letters”?? Talk amongst yourselves.

  2. Obviously Indiana had been a Catholic alter boy and knows that after the penitent man kneels, if he then DOESN’T ninja roll- he’s getting a hot priest load to the face. I’m just saying. Shout out to all the Catholics. Own that shame! What? Too soon??

  3. Is it just me, or does it seem weird to question the credibility of the traps while, at the same time, gleefully accepting the guy who ages to death in seconds because he drinks out of the wrong cup?

    I love the Indiana Jones movies, as anyone who has visited my blog will know, but these movies are not exercises in ruthless logic. 😉

    That said, I’ll go with Angie’s theory. Now that’s what I call logic. 😀

  4. He’s badass. That’s reason enough for me.

    Plus, I figure, you kinda get a feel for this whole “death trap” schtick after two other films.

  5. No it’s not you at all, Kai. The franchise fell through after the original…”Is it just me” or were there aliens involved in the last one….ALIENS!

  6. I’ll take a stand and say it: Crusades is my least favorite of ALL FOUR Indy flicks. Yep. Doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, in fact I dig all four, Aliens in all, Temple of Doom being highly fucking unappreciated. Either way, a lot of this film went beyond plausible, but in this instance I was going to agree with Marc, not so specifically, but the fact that he is Indiana fucking Jones and would be prepared for any non predictable moments. Don’t you always get the feeling that he knows a little more than you anyway? That twinkle behind his eyes is hiding more than just charm, it’s why I love the character so much.

  7. Editor In Chief Says:

    i would just like to point out that indy said the true god’s name is jehovah…so, it must be true..hate to bring religion into this but angie started it!!

  8. Jesus was all about the ninja rolls. Go to church, you heathen.

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