Okay, so, this is a movie blog but there is something coming to TV this fall that I couldn’t be more excited about:

Seriously, this might be bigger to me than the first time I saw a booby! Here’s a little back story on this from me…

As I’ve said many times before, my goal in life is to become a screenwriter. Over the years, I have pitched projects that I would adapt or remake to my wife. The idea being that if I ever wrote an original screenplay that was successful, studio execs might ask me if there were any properties out there that I’d be interested in tackling.

Over the past 9 years, I’ve pitched about 15 projects to my wife. About 10 of them have actually made their way to the big screen… and done quite well. I would make quite the Hollywood mogul. A couple years ago I pitched her on the idea of adapting The Walking Dead. Which happens to be the greatest Zombie graphic novel I’ve ever read. Seriously! It is to Zombie comics what Romero is to Zombie films.

The strange thing is I pitched it as a show. Possibly for one of the premium movie channels like HBO or Showtime. I was very bummed to hear a year later that Frank Darabont had beat me to the punch. However, I’ve moved past my grief and into the realm of unbelievable excitement. The show is set to debut this fall on AMC which has made a name for itself by limiting what original programming it puts out… programming that has a track record of being really good.

Now, some stills have been released fron the production. I’ve posted them below. They are, in short, fantastic. The feel is there. The Zombies look terrifying. And it looks very faithful to the books. Now, do me a favor… I wanna watch this show for the next 10 years. I will die if this show is canceled. It debuts in October. So, check out these pics and tune in!

Here are some of the character stills:



  1. I didn’t like Kirkman’s comic. There was such a sexist undertone running through it. Men hunter gather and women wash and maybe cook – plus have sex with the alpha male.

    I am, however, psyched about the TV show, because, well… Frank Darabont.

    • I didn’t get that vibe but even if you’re right it is still AWESOME!!!

      • It’s quite possible I’m being hyper-sensitive to such things, but I couldn’t shake the impression. And you know the way one niggly little thing can ruin the rest of something for you?

  2. So basically, you are a genius?

    I’m with Darren here, interesting concept via television show anyway, but with Frank Darabont you are adding one hell of a piece of incredible to it.

  3. A zombie TV show? Sign me up!

  4. Looks cool. I wanna see it too.

  5. Although I am completely unfamiliar with the material on which it is based there is such a buzz in the horror community about this project I can’t help but be excited. I honestly haven’t run into this kind of excitement about a horror project in a long time. Plus, it has fucking zombies ya’ll!!

    Series like TRUE BLOOD, have more meat than most of the horror films I watch; nudity, language, sex and nudity, gore and well-developed characters and storylines. It makes me extra excited to see more horror-themed programming of this ilk.

  6. This looks great. Not many TV shows really grab me, but this looks like a great change from all those frigging vampire shows. Gotta love a zombie, man.

  7. This is awesome. I’ve been a huge fan of the Walking Dead for a while now and was so excited about the TV show that I started a series on my site where I review each chapter of the Walking Dead. I’ve only done the intro so far (mostly due to having to re-read and analyze as a critic) but you’ve kind of inspired me to start posting them all. Thanks Kai.

    • No worries. I need to catch up. I don’t read comic to comic. I wait until the paperback bundles come out. I’m on book 8 and I think they’re up to 11 now so I’m a bit behind!

  8. Not sure why this had to come out after Woke Up Dead. Why the heck was that the first zombie show to come out? Darabont is a hitter or a misser for me, but it looks like these zombies will be the “walk like the mummy” zombies, so there will be a purist element to the whole thing and that’s good.

    AMC could definitely ride the fanboy wave with this one, spinning the show into super-syndication onto any number of horror specialty channels, so it’s a real winner for them, no matter how the first run goes… fingers crossed though, Kai.

    • In the book, they’re slow movers and I’m a fan of sprinters but in this case I hope not. This story really is driven by the horrific acts of people more than zombies and they pull no punches so I can’t wait. AMC has proven they only put out great programming too so I’m happy about the channel.
      I’m with you on Darabont except with King adaptations… those are great. The Mist is a really underrated film.

      • That was one of the things I liked about The Crazies (not that it’s a “zombie movie” and not that it was the first to do it) how they had the normal people acting just as bad or worse than the infected – just because they felt they had to or had no reason not to. Always a lot of social commentary in this sub-genre.

        AMC has been doing good work – not that I’ve watched a single Mad Men, and not that I’m interested in seeing Rubicon. I just like that the work they’re doing is generating attention and getting other networks interested in stepping up their game.

      • Yea, I haven’t seen a single Mad Men yet, everyone is raving about it so I’m afraid I will get OCD about it if I start watching it lol

  9. GEEZ! Crazies is a zombie movie… don’t fear the backlash! 🙂

  10. I might check this out, but I’m no zombie nerd, so this doesn’t do all that much for me.

    “The show is set to debut this fall on AMC which has made a name for itself by limiting what original programming it puts out…”

    I take it this isn’t the place for my rant about TV channels selling out their own brands for the sake of original programming (in general)? I’ve already made one about AMC in the past; sure, they changed their name away from “American Movie Classics” to AMC so that they could sideskirt my rant, but c’mon, everyone still knows you as a movie channel; you shouldn’t have original programming anyway! Same deal with IFC (the “Independent Film Channel”) showing non-indie flicks and Arrested Development re-runs (amongst other things). Not that I’m complaining too much about that one…

    Damn it, I slipped into the rant anyway. Sorry about that.

    • I, for one, like the abridged rants… gives me a hankering for more. I never thought about the selling out of their brands – but come on, it’s freakin’ TV. There’s no honour in TV land, it’s a rapid fire version of the movie business, and how much honour is there in that?

  11. I’m really excited by this. Despite thinking Shawshank and Green Mile are complete clunkers I like Darabont – the episode he spent on The Shield led to some true greatness with The Mist and the guy always comes across as extremely intelligent in interviews etc – and I think he will do a great job here.

    re. the comics: they started strong and I stuck with it for quite a while but gave up because it just became repetitive (not least, as mentioned earlier, in it’s gender roles). Man is more dangerous than zombies – we get it.

    oh and Andrew Lincoln! Egg taking on the zombie hordes! Legendary!

  12. Looks interesting I will be onboard (if it ever filters through to UK free to air TV).

  13. Editor In Chief Says:

    um, i’ll pass…as much as i love you…the road has haunted me for weeks…i like to think that people aren’t THAT evil…sorry, you’re on your own…but i’m happy for you, this is big!!

  14. I’ve been meaning to read those graphic novels for ages now, but alas, that’s a pretty penny and I don’t think the library has these on loan just yet. All the same, very pumped about this as well. Surprised to see Darabont behind it, but whatever, Darabont has proven that he can kick a whole lot of ass. Very cool.

  15. I am a nerd but I must not be an uber nerd because I have never read a graphic novel in my life. I dont care what the source material is like I love the premise of this show and am already planning on tuning in to see zombie hordes and the apocalyptic vibe.

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