I don’t know about you guys but I fell in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt after seeing the film Brick. The kid proved he was more than a child actor. He proved he had the potential to be a big star. With Inception under his belt, and a possible turn in Batman 3 right around the corner, he may soon be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. That’s why I’m doing this now.

I am making it my goal to turn Joseph Gordon Levitt into Jo-Go. I can’t do this alone people so help me out. A few people have already started to help the movement… thanks to the folks at The Dark of the Matinee and  Frankly, My Dear. But it’ll take more than that to make it happen. So, next time you see this man, remember…

… he is Jo-Go.

Look, I’ve tried to make things take off before and failed miserably. For instance, I realize people will never go back to pleated acid washed jeans… I see that now… I get it… but this one is do-able. Make it happen, people!!!

21 Responses to “OPERATION “JO-GO””

  1. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

    Good actor, pulls some questionable faces though. Decent in Brick but I think Mysterious Skin’s his best performance to date.

    Not so sure about Jo Go, how about Jo-Go-Lo? (sounds like gigolo but doesn’t make sense with the Levitt bit)

  2. I linked it, so, when my contribution post goes up today, this’ll be there! I’m on board with it. Notice, ever since LAMBcast 33, I’ve started using it. It’s rolls off the tongue quite well.

  3. JoGo? I’ll go for it if you promise to end the bad jokes.

    The Lookout was on BBC last night, the guy is a class act… anyone who can hold their own in a cast with the mighty Jon Lithgow and French Stewart can only have good things in their future.

  4. Awww, so that’s why you corrected me the other day when I used JGL instead lol

  5. From now on in any convo I have about him I will henceforth refer to him as Jo-Go.

    • Somehow, I believe you!

      • I did it today twice. No one knew what the frag I was talking about, but I think they felt like they were “supposed” to know and were too embarrassed to point out they were missing out on this pop-culture slang and didn’t bother to ask me who or what Jo-Go was. I kinda liked it.

  6. I love it. It shall be casually tossed around until everybody’s on board, dammit!

  7. Gordon Joseph Hewitt is terrific
    you can Jo-Go Your Own Way

  8. Sounds like the new hip thing to say. Will give my full support.

  9. I normally hate such abbreviations…but I don’t normally know the person responsible for them.

    Ooohhh…speaking of which, I have some bad news, my friend. I have to shatter your dream. A simple Google search shows the usage of “Jo-Go” going back at least to January of this year: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/43739

    Ooooh…scratch that – July 2009: http://www.filmjunk.com/2009/07/26/500-days-of-summer-review/

    Ooohhh…scratch that – sometime in 2007: http://www.ciao.co.uk/10_Best_Chick_Flicks__Review_5720157

    And probably back to grade school for young Jo-Go…

    And yet, I’ll still do it for you, Kai.

  10. […] Moretz (13): I first noticed Chloe Moretz as JoGo‘s wise beyond her years little sister in (500) Days of Summer, then as Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass she […]

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