Looks like I’ve been given another MEME… hope there’s a shot for these things.

Simon of Screen Insight and the Simon & Jo Film Show chose your friendly neighborhood Kaiderman – and another 9 winners – to continue an ‘award’-thing-like post called the Happy 101 Award, it is all about sharing the things that bring you joy. So, having been given this award – thankyou verymuch – I must follow the rules and…


1. My wife… my daughter… my son… duh!

2. My best friend Angie… my sister from another mister… my best man… the only person on Earth that can make me laugh out loud every 5 seconds.

3. Smoking out back, under the stars, listening to my iPod and dreaming up new movie ideas to write.

4. Sci-Fi and Horror films. Best… genres… ever. Not to mention, the only 2 genres where a bad film can make for a better movie.

5. Orgasms bring me a lot of joy. Sure, when they come about due to masturbation they are quickly followed by shame but I think those still count.

6. That part of a song that gives you chills. Be it a bass line, a guitar lick, a harmony, a lyric, whatever. That part of the song that makes the whole thing worth lsitening to over and over again.

7. Making people laugh. My number 1 goal in life. I don’t know if it was cause I was unhappy as a child but I love when I can make someone smile. The harder it is, the more it’s worth it.

8. Working out… just kidding… BEER!

9. MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) has brought me a ton of joy lately. Blogging was actually something I started doing (though I don’t regret it one bit) because I didn’t know how to do a podcast. To finally have one and to have a voice has been soooo much fun!

10. Writing… the one thing a writer hates to do is write but there is a joy that accompanies seeing the finished product that nothing can compare to. Except, maybe, when that product illicits an emotion from someone that reads it.

That’s it, folks. Though there are some rules that go along with this thing. You must pass it along to 10 other bloggers and tell them that they must done as you too have done. So, like a good STD, here it cums… I nominate:

Jim, Jon and Heather over at Movie Mobsters (That’s a 3some)

Terri at GoreGirl’s Dungeon (Cuz after watching all those effed up movies, I wonder what brings her joy)

Fletch at Blog Cabins (Just because – SMOOCH!)

Castor and Red at Anomalous Material (Cuz they love community and MEME’s are a big part of that)

Marc at Go, See, Talk! (Cuz we always talk Zombies and it’s time we talk joy)

M. Carter at M. Carter @ the Movies (Cuz she needs to write more, cuz she’s that good)

Olive at Movie News First (Cuz we need to send a little love back to the Brits)

Get blogging, kiddies!

30 Responses to “THE HAPPY 101 AWARD”

  1. Thanks Kai:) Will think about my list over the next couple of days.
    Totally know what you mean about number 6. There are some songs that I just never tire of and love number 1, awww!
    P.S. I’m not British, but it’s okay I forgive you 😀

    • I thought everyone in the UK was technically British. I’m sorry, Olive. I’m not exactly a world traveler. I live in CA and have traveled as far west as Las Vegas and as far south as Northern Mexico! haha
      Is this like calling a Kiwi Australian? I apologize. Olive is Irish everyone… but she is lovely none-the-less and I can’t wait to read her list! 🙂

      • No worries:) It’s all good. I have to say I wouldn’t exactly know a lot about the different states in the U.S. so I can’t exactly talk!

  2. I love your number 3! Ditch the cigarette and I’m with you on that one! 😉

    No. 4 – damn right! No. 5 – made me laugh!

  3. Ahaha awesome list. You simultaneously filled your 31DBBB assignment for the day 😉 Thanks for tagging us, this one seems like fun so I will do my part this time around 🙂

  4. Might take me a spell to get there but I’ll have this guy ready to share soon enough.

    Orgasms should never be shameful whether someone is there to help you or it’s a solo operation. I think fireworks, explosions, and David Bowie should be there to celebrate at the finale of everyone’s happy endings.

    Science Fiction always makes me happy. And you’re quite funny. So as long as I’m around you’ll have someone to constantly laugh at you! 🙂

  5. Sweet – a smooch from my favorite Kaiderman. I was looking for another excuse not to write a review today…this might just be it.

  6. Just noticed that I said “exactly” twice in the same comment. Time to go to sleep now, me thinks…

  7. Cool list sir, I’ll see if I can give my ten at some point, but you know how it goes: you are motivated and ready to go, and then you tie off and sit in front of the TV watching Nip/Tuck and neglecting your duties.

  8. I mean, congratulations!

  9. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

    “Orgasms bring me a lot of joy. Sure, when they come about due to masturbation they are quickly followed by shame but I think those still count”

    Between this and your sex-induced injury you’re slowly becoming the most likable sex pest on wordpress dude!!! :p

  10. Editor In Chief Says:

    love you, love us, love this blog!!! miss you, see you soon!!

  11. heres something that would bring me joy..
    no more fecking memes.

  12. I love this list. Although I am kind of with Ross slightly. I’m getting tired of most memes. The 31 day ones I’m cool with cuz that reveals a lot about a person as well as their taste in films, but most 10 things ones I’m getting tired of.

  13. Number 1 and 5 – love and orgasms.

    I was tempted to do both of these… and i like the ‘follow of shame’ but i decided against it. Now I wish I had the balls to do it!

    Regarding MEMES… I never do them… I think this was my first…


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