MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) – Episode 3

Episode 3 of MILFcast is now available. You can listen to it streaming on podomatic by clicking here or stream/ download it for free on iTunes.

My guest this week is Andy Hart of the Fandango Groovers Movie Blog

For our general discussion topic, we cast Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman 3. We talk a little movie news. We focus our celebrity spotlight on Christian Bale… and we play THE GAME!!!

Check it out and let us know what you think, will ya?

20 Responses to “MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) – Episode 3”

  1. enjoyed the podcast – nice to put voices to words and damn THE GAME is devilish.

    re. catwoman – someone like Franka Potente (Run Lola Run, Bourne Identity) would fit the bill in the Nolan universe as she actually looks like she could do the physical stuff or, in a similar vein, Rosario Dawson.

    • I’m not sure I completely agree but DAMN if I don’t those 2 ladies to be smokin’ hot! I actually like Andy’s pick of AH… that has some potential.

  2. I also liked AH’s idea of a younger catwoman but think they went with an age difference then she should be older, a more elegant parallel of batman – someone like Zeta-Jones, Thurman or Joanne Whalley…

    …or just get Fairuza Balk and be done with it.

    I definitely think the Black Mask should be older with a hatred of the younger, more glamorous and successful Wayne – Huge Action is called for or Patrick Wilson / Clive Owen.

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  4. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but alas, I have tagged you in a post…


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  6. Dammit, I don’t have iTunes!

    Who’d you cast as what?

  7. I love how Andy barely knows his own URL, or at least feigns to not really know it, or is just lazy enough to get you to do the work on saying it. Either way, bravo.

    Kai, it’s time to start taking your material out on the road. You know, get some seasoning under your belt, figure out what works and what doesn’t. I felt bad every time the bomb dropped. Though the “Fandango” one was pretty good.

    Andy, excellent job at the game. A part of the first clue in the first movie was a pretty big hint (I won’t spoil), but the second movie was a bit tougher – at least for me. I wouldn’t have gotten the third one at all. Familiar with the key line thanks to Seinfeld, but I’ve never seen it and the title would never pop into my head.

    • I knew they were bad going in. Though, if Heather had gotten home 30 minutes earlier, I feel like there would’ve been some laughter instead of dead silence… haha. I just love giving her a hard time at this point!

    • It was for real, I know the fandangogroovers part and the worpress, but my mind went blank, I couldn’t remember which came first and if it was a dot a dash or a slash. Same with the game I’m terrible at remembering names of actors and movies, I’m famous for saying “you know the one with what’s-his-name in it or crap like that”. Before we started the game I said to myself I would make a mental note of all the movies we had discussed then as soon as the question came up I could hear myself saying I can’t think of any musical drama’s from the 90’s.

  8. Fantastic podcast gentlemen. GO JOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOMBS all over.

    I’m definitely for Zoe Saldana or Summer Glau as Catwoman. Not even my original thoughts, but that’s my two cents. I like Andy’s first pick but his second pick is far more realistic, and I kind of dig it, but I’m with Kai, Michelle Pfieffer seems impossible to upstage.

    Your movie enthusiasm is palpable Kai. I love that you constantly refer to a handful of films throughout the cast casually as “one of my favorites”. I do the same thing. I think ever making a top 100 movies list would probably make my head explode.

    • That sounds like a compliment, though, I need to look up the definition of palpable to be sure.
      As far as “favorites”, well, it is Man, I Love Films and not Man, I Really Like Films and Only Have A Few Favorites… mainly cuz MILFAOHAFFcast was already taken! Shame. haha.
      I’m with you on my Top 100. Been considering a Top 25 but even that seems exasperating.

  9. Editor In Chief Says:

    hmm, you are much funnier than your jokes…i would rethink them next time…but even still, great listen…you know i suck with accents, but i did manage to get every other word…still, damn sexy!! and i’m with heather, your vast knowledge still continues to surprise me, especially cause i actually SEE your notes…love you!!

  10. I loved this episode. I can’t wait to hear the next one.

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