As I’ve said before, I follow movies from start to finish. From concept and pitch, to casting, through pre and post production, until we are graced with the final product on the big screen. Sadly, when movies finally make it to us they tend to be a bit of a let down. That’s why the trailer has always been the peak of the movie going experience for me. Previews tend to be the best short version of any story told on film… after all, that’s how they get you to buy a ticket. Even if the end product sucks, the trailer can sell you on an idea and it’s potential.

Below I’ve listed my 5 all time favorites. I have to say before we dive in that I got this idea from my good buddy Heather over at Movie Mobsters who did one of these a while back and I was jealous and wanted to do my own. We no doubt have some similar opinions on the matter but, what can I say? Great minds think alike!

Anyway, here ya go (in order):


This is the new trailer popping up that I’m jonesing for. Like J.J. Abrams work or not, from this to Star Trek to the #2 on this list, the guy knows how to put out a trailer that’ll put people’s asses in theater seats.


I watched this again today and it still gives me shivers. What’s amazing is the buzz it created and how no one knew if it was real or not… even though it’s based on a witch in a forest. I remember rumors that it was playing at the Junior College by my house (OCC) and that it was actual found police footage. People ate up all the hype.


We had never seen anything like this on film before and it was a bowl of eye candy. Not to mention it was based on a much revered comic property, had an amazing cast and hits about halfway through with a kick ass guitar riff from Robert Rodriguez’s band.


Fight Club would go on to change my life (as I’ve talked about ad naseum many times) but it hooked me with this. I still get chills everytime the Pixies’ Where Is My Mind? starts to play at the end!


As I said above, I follow films from the very beginning. Well, when this trailer hit before the first Transformers movie I, like everyone else in the theater, was blown away because I hadn’t heard a single thing about it. Produced by J.J. Abrams, and filmed in secrecy, Cloverfield turned out to be one of the greatest Monster movies ever made. I still remember the collective silence in the theater, mixed with the occasional whisper of “Holy shit!” when the trailer ended. A mind blower for sure!


My favorite trailer… all time… hands down. Not to mention that finding this clip online remains the greatest find of my life. Topping even a 10 year old Kaiderman’s discovery of the world of masturbation.

You have to realize that for months people were speculating on why Nolan had cast Heath Ledger as the Joker and what his Joker would be like. The role was standing lonely in the shadows of Nicholson’s 1989 performance which loomed large. Leading up to this, the only glimpse of TDK’s Joker that had been given was a blurry still through thick, muddy glass… a real teaser. This teaser trailer was our first real glimpse at what would end up being one of the greatest performances ever caught on film. The first words ever heard by the public. When I saw it, I called my wife to the computer and we proceeded to listen to it another 30 times. A feeling I hope I get to experience again!

That laugh… Oh, my God… that laugh… PERFECT!!!

24 Responses to “TOP 5 TRAILERS”

  1. I think the Dark Knight trailer is the trailer that has gotten me most psyched for a movie. My two favourite trailers however are both from before I was born – they are the trailers for Alien and The Shining – both do such an amazing job of capturing the tones of the films without giving away any story (in fact The Shining trailer is just a single shot). That’s my big problem with trailers these days: they tell you everything that’s going to happen, giving away all the best seqences/jokes/lines.

    I’m the same as you in that I like to follow a movie from pre-production all the way up to release, but if I wasn’t so obsessed I’d probably stop after the first teaser for any film I was actually excited for

  2. My excitement about a film usually results in avoiding all trailers past the teaser – saw the Inception teaser, wtf is that about, avoided all additional trailers like the plague.

    I would be happier if all trailers avoided too much footage from the actual film and resembled the Kubrick / Hitchcock route…

    …however you gotta admire nerve of the trailer for DePalma’s Femme Fetale

  3. Is that the whole movie on FF… how funny is that?
    As far as Inception, that is one of the few I avoided looking into no matter how much I wanted to.

  4. That Sin City trailer blew my mind the first time I saw it, one of the few trailers I’ve ever really freaked out about. Good picks, homey. You ever see the trailer for Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

  5. The Blair Witch Project will always work, mostly cause it cause such a stir, and gave film trailers, the new sense of showing tension within a film.

  6. I stick by the Funny Games trailer.

    But still, HOLY SHIT THAT LAUGH!

  7. Great trailers there! I agree you with you that Abrams is a master of marketing and his trailers are really good. I’d also agree with you on Blair Witch Project – still a very frightening horror film in its own right, and one hell of a trailer.

  8. Very nice, very nice. I especially love the Sin City and Dark Knight ones myself, but Cloverfield was genius.

    I had the Blair Witch on mine as well. 🙂 I love good trailers, they are part of my joy in visiting the theater, getting to see new and really good ones.

    • Trailers is often my favorite part of going to the movies.

      • If only they hadn’t cut down on trailers to show damn phone and food advertisements. is it just me, or has the trailer:regular ads ratio gone really downhill in the past decade?

      • Yeah, and the TV behind the scenes shit… UGH!

      • Yeah, but if it keep the price of a movie ticket from going up, I’m all for it. As the advent of the home theatre has caused the cinema to seep into our homes, it seems only fair that TV has crept it’s way into the theatre…

        You should just look at it as another exercize in learning to tune out the world.

  9. The trailers really are one of the best things about movies. Even if a movie sucks they can make trailers make the movie seem good. I like the Social Network trailer…mostly because of Sweedish children singing Radiohead’s Creep, but I pretty much agree with your list…although Cloverfield would have been closer IMO.

  10. I never saw the trailer for Blair Witch before I watched it. My parents rented it and I just plopped down on the couch since they figured I was old enough to watch a horror movie.

  11. I have an unhealthy crack-addict kind of relationship with trailers. I love to watch them – totally love it – but I extract way too much information about the movie they’re for and it saps my movie experience when it finally comes out. I’ve been trying to be selective about my watchings – managed to steer clear of Inception somehow for instance. Staying clear of Scott Pilgrim has been impossible.

    We post up our trailers of the week every week, but I think it’s about time I post up a collection of my faves. That trailer for Sucker Punch is one of the best things I’ve seen in a while… The red band for Kick-Ass wasn’t so bad either.

    • Sucker Punch looks amazing!
      It’s funny cuz Inception is the only one I avoided too!

      • Until I just laid eyes on the trailer for Jackass 3D, Sucker Punch was almost my trailer of the week 2 weeks in a row… I’m also drooling all over all the promo material for Thor I managed to get my hands on – so sweet!

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