It’s the 2nd to last Thursday of July which would normally mean that I wouldn’t be home. No… I’d normally be making my regular one day stop over in San Diego at the greatest place on Earth:

A mere hour away from me, it brings in people from all over the world. Either way, it is well worth the trip. This will be the 1rst time in 6 years that I have not attended and would like to thank the economy for that! I’ve been 7 times this decade and can even remember when you could walk up day of and buy tickets to get in without waiting in 2 hour lines. Something you wait in now even if you pre-order your tickets in January. Which you have to do to get in these days!

But, it’s going to be OK… it’s not a big deal. After all:

Who wants to see never before seen footage of films that won’t be out for another year?

Who wants to buy limited edition convention exclusive action figures that quadruple in price the second you buy them due to lack of availability? Like this Quentin Tarantino dressed as a Crazy 88:

Who wants to turn around and bump into their favorite celebrities?

Who wants to be handed free movie posters for films that might not ever even get made?

And who wants to look at stuff like this all day?

WAIT! Are those Slave Leia’s pillow fighting? Nevermind… JUST SHOOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 Responses to “IT’S GOING TO BE OK!”

  1. Never been, had the chance to go last year because the kid who made my banner was plugging a new graphic novel he whipped up, but laziness overcame me. Stupid, Aiden.

    Well, there’s always next year, Kai. Here’s to hoping the economy is kicking major ass next July.

    And that is one awesome 88 Tarantino action figure.

    • Yeah… it’s one of the few exclusives I didn’t get.
      If you ever can go again, DO IT… you’ll have a great time and look me up if you ever do!

  2. I can TOTALLY sympathize with this! Last year in an effort to save up some wedding funds, Lady hatter and I decided to give The Toronto International Film Festival a skip.

    TIFF is usually my whole year, and missing it last year meant missing getting an advanced look at AN EDUCATION, A SINGLE MAN, UP IN THE AIR, A SERIOUS MAN, and so on.

    I did check out some of the free events, and my little bro did actually score me a ticket to one film…but I really felt like I was missing out.

    The good news? Stuff like Comic-Con and TIFF happens every year, and one year on the bench will make it that much sweeter when you get back in the game next summer.

    Chin up big guy.

    • AWWW… thanks for the kind words, Hatter. And thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂
      I’ll be all right but not only is it like Christmas… it IS my Christmas… cuz we don’t celebrate Christmas! haha
      I’ll be all right once all the local coverage dies down.

  3. Wait…I want to do all of those things.

  4. I agree. No one needs to see that sort of crap. Aren’t you glad to finally be able to skip this boring event.

  5. Erm…how on earth have you got photograhic evidence of the dream I had last night! Thankfully, you can’t see me hidden amongst those pilow fighting enslaved Princess Leia’s!

  6. You guys are so ridiculously lucky. The closest Ireland has to an event like this is “The National Plowing Championships”. And I’m not joking. Not even a little. Seriously, it brings traffic to a standstill and gets huge coverage.

  7. Hey its Alek I am sorry you missed comic-con but you spent your day in a better place working its all right

  8. good podcast

  9. Really? Pre-order in January? Do they even have the events lined up that far in advance? I’m thinking of going next year. Might bring the wife if Twilight will be there again but I think they put the kabash on that crowd after the fandmonium of last year:P

    • Yup, January… to make sure you get in. They have an idea for the line up but it doesn’t matter… you will have a great time. If you go next year, let me know! And, remember, weekends are a mad house. Thursday and Friday are a lot friendlier for getting around.

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