I have been invited by ANDY from THE FANDANGO GROOVERS MOVIE BLOG and HEATHER from MOVIE MOBSTERS have invited me back for a 2nd time to take part in their discussion of films that have influenced a genre (take that M. CARTER). This time around the focus is THE FINAL FRONTIER… and I got the Grand Daddy of them all:

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

From the moment you read those opening words as they scroll across the screen, you know you’re in for a treat. It seems silly to give a plot synopsis to this film but those are the rules. So for those of you who have been stranded in the Degobah system your entire life with no access to the outside world, here’s the basic idea:

An orphaned farmboy teams up with an aging Jedi Knight, a princess, 2 space smugglers and a couple of droids to help the Rebel Alliance in their attempts to defeat the evil Emperor Palpatine’s Gallactic Empire and win the gallactic civil war. Those are just the broad strokes but you get the idea.

Pointing out this film’s influence on the films that followed is a bit short sited. Star Wars’ impact was felt well beyond the screen in pop culture and the world as a whole. Since it’s debut in 1977, the “little Sci-Fi film that could” became an influence on the generations alive to see it. A trend that continues today… hell, my kid almost has as many Star Wars toys as I do. The film’s popularity would drive it to produce 5 sequels, some more popular than others, and these films are still celebrated 33 years after the films’ release. There are even yearly celebrations held all over the Earth.

Where Star Wars really succeeded was in the richness of the world it created. It presented new, interesting words into our lexicon: The force, the dark side, Jedi, Wookies, etc. It introduced characters that were lovable, hatable and diverse. It showed us a universe of interesting places and lush back story begging to be explored. It introduced themes such as friendship, loyalty, purpose, destiny and showcased the ultimate battle of good vs. evil. Not to mention it was a story that gave us laser sword duels, gun fights and space ship battles all rolled into one film.

To say this film inspired those that followed is a short. This film is a template to all that follow. I dare you to find many films, TV shows or other forms of media that haven’t parodied, referenced, been inspired by or down right copied this film. I guess it comes down to this:
Best film ever? Some would argue.
Best Space film ever? Few would deny!


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  1. Last time I watched the original Star Wars trilogy I actually enjoyed the first film more than ‘Empire’, even though I do believe the sequel is the slightly the better film. But Lucas definitely put together a great story to go with his forward-thinking special-effects. What’s perhaps most astonishing is how the film, even in its original form (without the updated digital effects) still stands up so well. Indeed, I’d still prefer to see model work than computer imagery.

    • I agree with both your thoughts. With special effects, I like a nice balance of both model and CGI like you might see in a movie like Moon.
      However, I think this stuff holds up really well.

  2. I agree with Dan. In it’s naked form without the digital updates it was just as good. Even all the CGI used in LOTR, there is still so much model work that twenty years from now it’s going to hold up against other films technology. Aliens is another one that still holds up, which ironically was my choice for this months pick.

    Aliens or Star Wars was where I wanted to go here Kai. I love that you have no problem saying Best film ever? Maybe. I agree. My affection for Star Wars may be closer to an obsession and twisted affection that is not necessarily objective, and I don’t want to be. Star Wars makes me feel like a kid.

  3. I love Star Wars, but I’m an Empire Strikes Back man myself. I agree with heather, the truly great stuff is great regardless of technology. Star Wars might be just as engaging if acted out with Luke providing his own lightsabre sound effects (we’ve all done it).

  4. What’s not to love in this story? Gets better with age, made for all ages and it was when Lucas had his “control freak problem” in check.

    I carry few movies on my phone to be able to watch anytime anywhere. Does it make me a dork…perhaps but I’m a film fan so it’s justified. Awesome write up Kai!! Now tell me how you can love something like this so much but restrain yourself from taking the action figures out of their packages?:P

  5. Humming Duel of the Fates is just asking to get into a lightsaber duel.

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