MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) DEBUT!!!

I’m still working on iTunes but anyone that would like to hear episode 1 featuring my guest Heather Roddy from Movie Mobsters can do so by clicking here!

UPDATE: Now available on iTunes. Search for Kai B. Parker or MILFcast!

34 Responses to “MILFcast (aka: the Man, I Love Films podcast) DEBUT!!!”

  1. Remakes can be really good, but only when they are handled with deft hands. Ones with, you know, originality. E.G.: THE DEPARTED

    That girl in the hallway in DAWN OF THE DEAD was terrifying! When a shot of that scene scares the crap out of me IN THE TRAILER, then something is being done correctly!

    THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN is mad crazy brilliant!

    GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATOO and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN are too recent to get remade! I do have hope for DRAGON TATOO though, if only because David Fincher is directing!

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Riddler! Let’s make it happen!

    I dig the game! That’s a really clever idea!

    Loved it! I have new podcast to add to my list!

    • Thanks, Sebastian. That’s awesome. I just heard you on MILFcast today… good stuff!
      All I can say about the above is that I just saw Dragon Tatto and I’m okay with a remake. Was good but could’ve been a lot better and Fincher will kill it!

  2. Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

    Just downloaded that, can’t wait to hear it on the way home from work tonight. May need to take the bit rate down for future ones though as 45MB is pretty big for a podcast!

    • From what I hear 50MB is pretty standard for an hour podcast. Although, it will be on iTunes for download soon and should be significantly smaller. When you finally listen let me know what you think?

      • Paragraph Film Reviews Says:

        The /Film ones usually come in at around 20MB for the same time. Maybe iTunes will further compress them to save storage.

        Podcast wise, very good though. I was walking home shouting out the names of re-makes and although you (Kai) said that the great Pacino is past it, I felt sad that I agreed. Really liked the game at the end although it was pretty tough… I’d suck at that. And great shout out for Infernal Affairs!!!

        Good mix of features, news and generally good banter. Will be downloading again 😀

      • Thanks, Paul. Pacino thing is sad but true.
        Am taping Episode 2 Sunday and should be up next weekend!

  3. Who are these two? They must be stars. Someone should give them some booze and their own show.

  4. “booze and their own show” It sounds like they have already had the booze! Good job guys!

    The best remake. The Maltese Falcon, it is actually a remake of a 1931 movie of the same name but sometimes know as Dangerous Female. The original is okay, the Humphrey Bogart version from ten years later is a classic.

    The worst remake, The Ladykillers.

    By the way, the original Ocean’s Eleven is crap.

    The Godfather/ The Godfather II were my first and my favourite Pacino movies. He did do another great movie in the 80’s, Sea of Love. Linking your Pacino and your remake themes don’t forget Heat was a remake of TV movie L.A. Takedown (also directed by Michael Mann) and Insomnia is a remake of a Norwegian film of the same name (once translated) starring Stellan Skarsgård.

    • Wow, Dango, you just got Meta with that last paragraph. Nice pulls! What did you think over all? Any complaints?
      Oh, and Ladykillers is crap but O11 ROCKED ME LIKE A HURRICANE!

      • No complaints from me you guys were great and the format really worked. Loved the game at the end, there’s nothing like putting your guest on the spot!

      • I love that everyone loves the game. My wife said that was going to be the lamest part! HAHA

      • I was definitely put on the spot, but it was fun!

      • I object…I didn’t GET the game, at first…you know how I hate games, and having fun in general…it seemed complicated, and maybe plagerized? J/K…you know I think everything you do is brilliant…including this cast…love you!!

        @Heather…you were great, as always…and such a huge support from day one…kai is lucky to have you, cause it’s hard to be wife AND biggest fan ALL the time…i wish he would have stopped being loud and obnoxious and let you talk once in a while…i could listen to that michigan “A” for days…love you, too!!!

      • Thank you SO much for the kind words. I actually felt like I rambled the whole time! ha.

        As for my Michigan accent, I STILL don’t know what you guys are talking about. My hubby keeps telling me it’s obvious, but I’m oblivious I suppose.

  5. Great ‘cast! Your energy is is awesome – and I think that’s the most important part of putting together something like this. Good back and forth too – discussion is always my favourite part, and we never have enough time for it over in Cynicland.

  6. Great first episode! I also agree with your stance on reboots. I really enjoyed the 21 game, it was fun playing along. Looking forward to future episodes! 🙂

  7. Already said it on the Mobsters site, but that was an excellent first show. Needed to be reiterated. Now you just need a co-host to play off of and you’ll be all set.

    • I wanted Heather to be my cohost but got rejected. Although she says she doesn’t remember. I guess I’m working solo now but I’d like Heather to be a regular fo sho. I thought it was because she mentioned starting a Mobsters cast.
      Our 2nd episode was great too but alas… it is lost. Will record this coming weekend with Scott from He Shot Cyrus and his wife so hopefully that’ll be fun!

  8. I have to say I’m totally impressed:) You and Heather were quite enteraining…although I’m not sure the whole urinal thing should be a recurring theme:P
    Also, I really love the movie game at the end of the cast. Don’t think I’ve heard of anyone doing anything similar, so points for originality.

  9. Allow me to be the 50th person to say that they dug the game – your wife is spewing crazy talk, it was excellent. I can’t wait to destroy – er, challenge – Heather’s 11 points.

    Great first show all around, with a pair of entertaining peeps.

    I’m with you, Kai – in terms of movies, at least, Pacino’s done. Certainly not to say he’s not capable of excellence, but I just don’t think he’s a relevant star at this point, and the choices that he’s made have proven that time and again. It’s not an event when a Pacino flick comes out. Same goes for DeNiro. But yeah, Al had a great 90s.

    • Thanks, Fletch… you’ll play soon enough! 🙂
      As far as Celebrity spotlight, it’s not about whether they’re capable or not… Pacino is capable… it’s about whether or not it’ll happen and I don’t see it. As far as DeNiro, he’s had a project on his IMDB the last few years about a hitman coming out of retirement called “Frankie the Machine” which I could see making him more relevant again… so, I’m still on the fence with him!

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