My fellow Fanboy, Darren, from the m0vie blog (which is a great blog that I suggest you all check out), has hit me with a new MEME… MEME’s are like VD’s for bloggers… only they spread faster and don’t make it burn when you pee! I like to pretend I dislike getting them but the truth is I love them because the point is to talk about my favorite subject: ME… ME?

So here’s 7 facts about your friendly neighborhood Kaiderman. I’ve done one very similar before so I’ll try to give you some new stuff. Enjoy:

1. I once went to the emergency room and got 17 stitches in my leg for a sexual accident that involved a countertop and a glass Iguana aquarium….. nuff said!

2. People are always asking me why I don’t do stand-up comedy. I know, right? I’ve thought about it… even written a few bits. I got one about port-a-potties that would slay. The truth is I started a family when I was 24 and it isn’t the best career choice for a family man. I considered joining the Groundlings for a bit but this too couldn’t fit into my lifestyle. Plus, I’m not a joke writer. Most of the stuff I do is spur of the moment. What can I say? I had a rough childhood and now I just enjoy making people smile! 🙂

3. I’m a little OCD. I tend to do a lot of things in 3’s. When I smoke a cigarette, I take 13 drags. Each drag is counted in 4 groups of 3 and I often take one extra so I feel like I have control of my obsession.

4. My first screenplay, AFTER LIFE, was written in about 3 weeks (after 2 years of outlining and imagining) and was actually accepted and read by 2 real production companies. I even received feedback. Gold Circle films said they broke it down as a mix between The Matrix and What Dreams May Come… I kinda dug that… they said they liked it but passed.

5. Before I write a new script I can spend years thinking about it. Music is often my inspiration. The right song can often take all my ideas and generate a preview of the film in my head. I tend to go in my backyard at night with my cigarettes and iPod and imagine what the film will look like. Sometimes, I actually act the scenes out in harmony with the music. My wife has caught me outside in a fake gunfight or with tears in my eyes many a time… it’s quite embarassing!

6. I love music but am horrible at translating lyrics. I often seek them out on the internet because I hate doing anything wrong. Still, I can go months or even years singing a song incorrectly. For years, I sang the beginning of the chorus to Elton John’s Tiny Dancer as follows: Hold me closer, Tony Danza. Who’s the boss out on the highway? My wife takes great pride in pointing out how bad I am at it!

7. I couldn’t think of 7 things so I asked my daughter what I should tell people about myself. To which she replied: Nobody likes you, everybody hates you, why don’t you go eat some worms! She then turned around and shook her booty at me before running down the hallway laughing like the devil. What can I say? She’s a chip off the old block!

As is tradition, I must pass this on to a few other bloggers… too bad it isn’t shared like a real VD. Oh well, here’s my nominations:

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SIDENOTE: I have decided to cancel the July Ultimate Fanboy Film Competition because some other bloggers are doing similar stuff right now. Instead, I vow to put together a truly KICK ASS, LAMMY nomination worthy MEME and put that out next month… there can be only one!

Stay tuned for our next post tomorrow where I will be inducting the original Karate Kid into the REASONS MOVIES RULE hall of fame!

13 Responses to “IT’S ALL ABOUT MEME”

  1. hahaha, thanks for the nod, man. i’ll put together my seven facts in due time.

    And keep truckin’ on the screenplays. My efforts go in waves, usually go really hard for a couple weeks, stop, don’t get back to it for another couple months. But I just started reading Bob McKee’s STORY, so I’m back in the game and it feels goooood.

    And as for you #1 – bummer, man. That sounds bizarro though.

    Go eat some worms, dude.

  2. Damn, by far the most interesting 7 facts I have read out there! 1 is hilarious but enough said 😉 I love it that you are acting out your movie in your head before putting it down in writing. Some day, I might just write me a script just for fun.

    Awesome post bro!

  3. Can you, like, become a famous comedian/screenwriter so I can brag about it to that one friend I have?

  4. Man, you have it bad: “I often take one extra so I feel like I have control of my obsession” thus confirming and reinforcing the obsession and reminding yourself that it has control over you.

  5. Great list. And good luck with the meme-making. How about seven facts about someone else, in a neat subversion of popular memes?

  6. Ha! Lyric failure? My husband is the master of knowing all lyrics to all songs to all genres of music. Song’s I love and listen to over and over again I still don’t know all the words accurately to. My excuse is I don’t connect to the song through the lyrics. I hear the story through the melody, and then it becomes more personal even though I’m still hearing the words, it’s the tone of the singers voice that steals me away. Meh. Even being a movie guru I’m horrible with quotes. At the end of the day I’m just a spazz and a flake that can’t ever focus on one thing.

  7. […] we do love those Aussies together. Along with Ruth I was tagged by the wickedly funny and awesome Kai at The List.  Peter is the man over at The Magic Lantern and also gave the mob a nob for being all versatile, […]

  8. I did a list similar to this, all facts about myself. Check it out here: Nice list!

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