… or do Bumblebee and Paul, the yellow prawn from District 9, look like long lost brothers? This could make for the worst entry into the 3some game ever!

7 Responses to “IS IT JUST ME…”

  1. Editor In Chief Says:

    is it just me, or does anyone else think that giving the prawns really american names like “paul” and “christopher” is weird…

  2. Trust me my friend, your not the only one.

  3. You’re right. They have the same nose ;D

  4. I was tired at work and maybe still a little tipsy a week ago and a kid came in with a Bumblebee costume and I had Toy Story on the brain so I said, Hey Buzzlightyear. Clearly I know the difference. His mom corrected me and was a bitch. Like she’d never been hung over. Either way, your idea that Bumblebee looks like someone else just solidifies the fact that maybe he doesn’t just look like a sparkly robot that’s too horny for his own good.

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