IMDB has the following listed as a short film but rumor has it that this might have been put together as a pitch to the studios for a reboot the Mortal Kombat franchise… I’m a fan of the first Mortal Kombat film but, I have to say, this looks pretty awesome. Check it out:


  1. Saw this last week, and I gotta say, pretty fuckin’ awesome. Find it a bit strange that Mortal Kombat of all games/movies is getting such a kickass makeover while games that SHOULD be getting adapted like Metal Gear Solid go untouched. Nonetheless, hope this happens, I’d see it in a heartbeat. Black Dynamite is playing Jax, how could I not see this?

    • I’m kinda glad that Metal Gear Solid is untouched… I mean, given Hollywood’s track record with video games… (Plus the game was cinematic enough.)

      • Man, I’m thinkin’ that that’s the one game that could give some credibility to video game movies. I fantasize about that movie. But you’re right, the game is already super cinematic, but it’s SO GOOD!

      • Maybe you’re right.

        Oh, Kai, I’ve flagged you with a blogging-related award-y thing, if you’re at all interested.

      • Thanks, Darren, I am interested. I happen to be my favorite subject so can’t wait to MEME!
        As far as Video Game Movies, the games are so thick with story nowadays it seems like the work is practically done for them so why they can’t translate a good adaptation to screen is beyond me.
        This one doesn’t look good… just cheesy and tons of fun!

  2. Yo Kaiderman – drop me an email, I wanna ask you about something.

  3. Editor In Chief Says:

    when you say mortal combat…do you scream, “MOORTTAALLL COOOMMMBBAATT!” and then break into pop and lock?!

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