“Yes, London. You know: fish, chips, cup ‘o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary fucking Poppins… LONDON.”

As you know, THE LIST doesn’t typically do reviews… we do LISTS… hence the name… duh!

However, when I was asked by Heather (from MOVIE MOBSTERS) and Andy (from FANDANGO GROOVERS MOVIE BLOG) to be a part of their new ongoing monthly series that looks at different film genres, I couldn’t resist. The idea was to pick a film from a particular genre, in this case Gangster films, and give a short review coupled with thoughts on how the film had impacted it’s particular genre. While reviews bore me to tears to write (mainly cuz I suck at them), the idea of looking how a film could influence a genre as a whole sounded very interesting. So, since most of the classics were taken, I decided to focus on a more recent entry into the world of Gangster movies. I present you with my choice: SNATCH (2000).


My favorite adult film of all time, I… oops… wrong post! 

The plot of Snatch is complicated, and if you haven’t seen it all ready, well… that’s just a damn shame. Still, I’ll do my best to break it down for you:

When a jewel thief, with a penchant for gambling, takes a detour in London on route to delivering a huge stolen diamond to his boss in NYC, he unwittingly sets off a an avalanche of sinister and amusing events that wind their way through the rough and tumble worlds of bare-knuckle boxing, pawn shops, Irish gypsies, pig farmers and a stray dog… thank you DVD cover!

SIDENOTE: This film features one of the greatest poster taglines ever: SNATCH – OPENING EVERYWHERE.

It’s a play on words… see what they did there? Heehee…

Snatch wasn’t Guy Ritchie’s first entry into the gangster genre. His precursor to this film (Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels) is nearly identical in theme, style and plot. However, this is Ritchie’s style of story telling at its most realized. A significant achievement and one worth examining when looking at the evolution of the gangster genre as told in cinema. Gangster pics from prior decades were much more methodical and character driven. Ritchie took everything you love from gangster pics of the past (rival factions, hit men, low level enforcers, robbery, murder) and delivered it in one big high-octane fueled, adrenaline punch. His unique style of filmmaking gave the genre a much needed punch in the arm by injecting interesting music, quirky characters, smash cuts, varying film speeds and inter-connected/ overlapping story lines. Snatch‘s influence can be seen on most gangster movies of the 2000’s (Lucky Number Slevin, Smoking Aces, Layer Cake, etc.). Unfortunately, Snatch is oft copied but has never quite been equaled… not even by Ritchie himself. However, it remains his crowning achievement and one that is well worth your time!!!

For those of you who’ve been living in a cave for the last 10 years, here’s a look at the film’s trailer:

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  1. Your write up was as usual hilarious and spot on. Snatch is so layered with so many textured characters, violence, twists, and good ole fun. Damn, I just love it.

  2. Yep, I thought I was the only one who prefered Snatch to Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Great film. What the hell is up with Brad Pitt’s accent, though?

    • YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I love his accent and that he took that part.

      • He was a Pikey. They explained you can’t ever understand what the frigger fraggin they are saying!

      • I come from Ireland. We have Pikeys (I’m fairly sure that’s not the politically correct nomenclature). It’s true that you can’t understand what they are saying, but they don’t sound like that.

  3. That’s Great. Nice Post.

  4. Snatch was an awesome movie. I thought it sagged a little bit too often but the high points are so exhilarating that I’m willing to forgive it. Nice fun review chief.

  5. I know, Brad Pitt’s accent was very dodgy! But, yes Snatch was a good film, although I preferred Lock, Stock…

  6. See, I’m not well versed in the gangsta genre. I have no idea what’s good or bad. All I know about this movie, for example, is that Brad Pitt should consider voice therapy, and why does Benicio Del Toro always get killed off?

  7. I must admit, although Snatch is a more mature effort my loyalty totally lies with Lock Stock, it’s such a shame Guy Ritchie just spunked the rest of his films out without a care.

    Can’t believe nobody did Goodfellas!!!!

  8. Editor In Chief Says:

    love it!! guy ritchie’s best…and jason statham’s for that matter….zee germans 🙂

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