It’s time for a new entry into the pantheon of scenes that KICK ASS. The theory behind this post is this…

Some movies have a scene in them that is so awesome it can make the whole film worth watching. A scene that can make a bad film good and a great film better. A scene so good that it KICKS ASS… hence the title of the post. This week, we are featuring a clip from the movie:

Now, I’m not a fan of people getting Oscar nods for appearing in films for a matter of minutes. However, in Alec Baldwin’s case, I think I’d have made an exception! Check it out:

That’s it for now, Glen, Gary and Rosses. Feel free to comment below. I never edit any of the comments. Remember, this was meant to be an interactive site, as much as I love the sound of my own voice.

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Check back Saturday as that is when new posts go up. Have a great week and remember… ALWAYS BE CLOSING!!!

14 Responses to “SCENES THAT KICK ASS #3”

  1. I really need to rewatch this, I know I like the play but I don’t find myself as in love with the film as most. Still, considering the drivel that was released in 1992 it was one of the few that I consider to be worthy of remembering.

  2. I love GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS! It was one of my favourite films from 1992 along with RESERVOIR DOGS and BAD LIEUTENANT. Baldwin’s brief role is pretty freaking amazing but I’m all about the Jack Lemmon in this one! Lemmon is just fucking brilliant! The Shelley Levene character had to be the inspiration for the Gil character from the Simpsons!

  3. Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ. Best script ever written, one of my Top Ten movies of all-time, best thing Alec Baldwin’s EVER done. I don’t know how you’re gonna get another kickass scene to top this. Well, maybe the “NO!” scene from Sexy Beast.

    “Put. That coffee. Down.”

  4. I don’t have balls (ahem) but if I did, they’d have shrunk way back up.

  5. PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN! Coffee is for closers.

    Such a fantastic and quotable movie as well as an acting clinic, sometimes the low-key understated acting gets tiring and you want to see some Al Pacino, this movie fits the bill.

  6. Funny Ripley! 🙂
    I’ll just say to all of you, this is some of the best written dialogue ever put to screen… it’s the reason Mamet is Mamet and Baldwin kills it… how did he not win for this??? Seriously!!!

  7. Because the Academy is full of sheep.

    Or am I thinking of another speech?

  8. Posters that Kick Ass too.. really great poster
    i like Glengarry Glen Ross but its not one you can watch all the time – too much male angst. like watching the volleyball scene from Top Gun over and over again. only with swearing. and Jack Lemmon doesnt take his shirt off.

  9. Wow! (Applaudes) Who knew Alec Baldwin could act like THAT? Did you? I didn’t. I do now. Cheers. Love this idea for a post. More please.

  10. Editor In Chief Says:

    how did i miss this post?! was this the week you suddenly decided to post like 5 times?…hmmm…great, GREAT scene! i think those steak knives are kinda awesome, personally…and btw…my favorite part of this post is the glen, gary and rosses…haha..was that for the rosses?…brilliant!!!

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