So, the first pic of Chris Hemsworth as Thor has been released:

I actually thought Thor would be the hardest character to translate to the screen but, I gotta say, I’m diggin’ this… what do you guys (and girls) think???

16 Responses to “FIRST LOOK: THOR”

  1. Think I’m digging it. Needs more muscle though. Not sure about the fleshy colored beard either, that’s new.

  2. I reckon this could work. Thor isn’t one of the Marvel’s that grabs me, so I’m waitng to see what happens with this.

  3. Looks like a new look that may be a huge surprise to some people. But I like it!

  4. 1. Who is this star? I knew who Tobey Maguire was before “Spider-Man” … no idea who this is.
    2. Why do I get the feeling that girls wont go anywhere near this movie?

    • Yeah… I don’t understand how Hemsworth and Sam Worthington went from no one to biggest blockbuster stars around… with little charisma to boot. Also, what has Hemsworth done? Cameos in Star Trek and A Perfect Getaway??? WTF???

    • Darren Says:

      Big muscle-bound beardy men? I think it has the eye candy quotient for the ladies, no?

      And Hemsworth seems to be in line with Marvel’s philosophy that they don’t need “names” to sell their movies – the character do it themselves.

      Is it wrong that despite this originally being my “least” must-see of the Marvel films I know want to see it perhaps more than the others? While Joe Johnston has single-handedly sapped my enthusiasm for Captain America. Branagh, you dog!

    • I not only will go near it, I will make out with it.

      He is exactly the rugged type of wrong guy that I want. Have you met Russell Crowe? What did women do before Russell Crowe?

      We waited for Russell Crowe.

      There are many of us ladies that like this brand of men. Even sweaty cantankerous Australians that throw phones at people.

      Forget Paul Walker and Chris Evans. This dude is the money.

      • First, easy on Chris Evans there, lady! 🙂
        Second, at least Crowe did stuff before he blew up… where did this guy come from?

      • I like Chris Evans………..a lot actually. He’s just too shiny for me to get all woohoo ha wa, panty throwing happy over.

        Russell Crowe still kicks ass.

        I have no idea who this dude is and I like it. Just like Worthington.

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  6. Looks surprisingly good 🙂

    • Darren Says:

      Yep, it would be so easy to do that badly, in fairness. At least they aren’t doing his whole “Elizabethian English” thing.

  7. The movie looks like it possibilities though!

  8. It looks pretty cool to me, looking forward to it!

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