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I am looking for 1 to 2 more bloggers to contribute some fresh blood to our FILMS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED TO SEE series. If you’re interested, please drop me an e-mail or leave me a comment below. THANKS!!!


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Pics of Curtis Jackson (A.K.A. 50 Cent) were put out this week that show the rapper after having lost 50+ pounds to play a part in the new film, which he wrote, Things Fall Apart (directed by Mario Van Peebles). In the film, “Fitty” plays a college football player who is diagnosed with cancer.

Now, lesser writers are saying his new name should be 25 Cent. Personally, I think they’ve dropped the dime. I mean, Nickel please! But what do you guys think… a penny for your thoughts.


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May 17, 1936 to May 29, 2010

This guy’s a legend so I’m not going to get cute with this post. I mean he goes back to Rebel Without a Cause for Chrissakes. So, I’ll just say this:

Ride on, Easy Rider!!! Continue reading


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——————– OUR 50th POST——————–

That’s right, boys and girls, the 3some game is back… like a bad herpes flare up. For those of you new to the site, here’s a break down (from my last post)of how the game is played:

This brain-child of mine was born out of my boredom for a game couples have been playing for years that shares a name with everyone’s favorite blog: THE LIST. The List, as I’m sure you know, is a game where partners keep an imaginary list of 3 to 5 celebrities in their proverbial back pocket. Should one of the devoted have the opportunity to have a chance encounter with one of the celebrities on their list, their better half would be forced to give them a pass (usually given because there’s no way in hell it could ever really happen).

Not only did I feel this game needed an update, I was also concerned because my wife is very attractive and should she run into Johnny Depp off stage at the taping of a  21 Jump Street reunion show on the VH-1 lot… who knows? I love my wife. And, let’s be honest, once you go Depp, you don’t go back. I know I wouldn’t! No matter how funny, charming, great at writing and hung I may be. So, I’m making the game a bit more difficult by introducing THE THREESOME GAME. Here’s how it came to fruition… Continue reading


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February 8, 1968 to May 28, 2010

It appears Gary Coleman passed away today from a brain hemorrage that was caused from an injury he sustained when he fell and hit his head on Wednesday, May 26. Gary got a little annoying in the later part of his life but I think we can all agree he held a special place in all our childhoods for his work on Different Strokes. If not… what you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

SORRY… had to do it!!!


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It’s time for a new entry into the pantheon of scenes that KICK ASS. The theory behind this post is this…

Some movies have a scene in them that is so awesome it can make the whole film worth watching. A scene that can make a bad film good and a great film better. A scene so good that it KICKS ASS… hence the title of the post. This week, we are featuring a clip from the movie:

Now, I have to apologize for the quality of this video but this is the only scene I could think of that could follow Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross. It’s a widescreen version with some Warner Brothers stamps on it and has a Soulja Boy ad at the end but it’s a necessary evil, I’m afraid. So, that all said, I present you with one of my favorite scenes of all time:

That’s it for now, Smokers, Jokers & Midnight Tokers. Feel free to comment below. I never edit any of the comments. Remember, this was meant to be an interactive site, as much as I love the sound of my own voice.

You can also sign up to get this blog via e-mail at the top of the page. And, as always, if you like this site, TELL A FRIEND!

Check back Saturday as that is when new posts go up. Have a great week and remember… The Dark Knight is not the film where Martin Lawrence travels back to Mid-evil times!!!


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It’s time for a new entry into our REASONS MOVIES RULE series. Wherein we give you 10 reasons a cult film, be it awesomely good or so bad it’s awesomely good, deserves to be given some respect. This week’s entry: TREMORS.

The REASONS MOVIES RULE series varies from our FILMS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED TO SEE series a bit in that you’ve probably seen these films but don’t realize just how much they rule!

To help me out this week, I’ve enlisted the help of, fellow Tremors fanatic, Heather Roddy from Movie Mobsters. I’ll let her kick things off… Continue reading


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A lot of people think these statements were written about Chuck Norris… but if Dalton knew that, he’d roundhouse kick Norris in the nootz. Here’s your DALTON-ISM for the week:

 Food doesn’t mind being eaten by Dalton… because it knows his mouth is the only place that’s safe from his fists!


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Typically, it isn’t hard to assess where someone is from. Whether it be due to the color of their skin, their behavior in social situations, an accent, whatever! From time to time, an actor (say James MacEvoy) can have me thinking he’s American but as soon as I catch him in an interview I say, “Oh, okay, that guy’s British!” Done and done.

However, there are 3 celebrities that I just can’t place… maybe you guys can help me out. I’ve researched them but I’m pretty sure their bios have been forged. They happen to be 3 of the best and hardest working actors in the biz. So, can I get A LITTLE HELP OVER HERE… where are these guys from??? Continue reading