December 23, 1971 – March 10, 2010

Can’t say we didn’t see this one coming! Tis a shame none-the-less. No one that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s can say they didn’t hold a special place for Corey Haim in their heart. I myself was such a License To Drive fan that, in the third grade, I did a lip-synch of “Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car” by Billy Ocean while rocking sunglasses, a bomber jacket and acid-washed jeans. Heather Graham will always be Mercedes Lane to me! So, Rest In Peace, Mr. Haim. You will be missed!

My only question is what is more tragic? That Corey Haim is gone? Or that Corey Feldman will undoubtedly use this opportunity to milk another 15 minutes of fame?

Your thoughts? Feeling? Leave a comment below.

SIDENOTE: Oscar coverage should be posted Friday!!! Stay tuned!!!

6 Responses to “R.I.P. COREY HAIM”

  1. RIP Corey Haim. So many taken away too early because of those nasty freaking drugs. Stay clean people!

  2. Bruce wayne Says:

    Third grade? Damn I’m old. And To me, Heather Graham will always be Rollergirl.

  3. Good post, thanks! Could you tell us about the second paragraph more?

  4. JonnyStabbins Says:

    The death of marginal actors ranks on my ‘how sad did this make you’ scale right up there with accidentally stepping on snails.

    • Sometimes I wonder how you could even love someone! 🙂 HAHAHA!!!
      I admit this was no surprise but everybody loved Haim in 80’s. Maybe you were too young. Why couldn’t it have been Feldman?

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